(the bump)
   peremptory dismissal from employment
   The displacement is sudden:
    They got bumped off the staff of the hospital. (Chandler, 1939)
   2. American
   to induce an employee to leave employment
   In a situation where the employer would pay heavily for the dismissal of an employee, the technique is to bump him within the organization from one job to another, each more unpleasant or demeaning than the last, until he leaves of his own accord.
   3. (the bump)
   Literally, any swelling of the body, usually caused by a blow. A bumper is not the putative father but a stripper in a stage show.
   4. to copulate
   From the pushing of the bodies against each other:
    One could imagine brother and sister bumping like frogs in broad daylight. (Theroux, 1978 — they committed incest)
   Occasionally also as bump bones.
   5. (off) to kill
   The blow is fatal:
    I don't go around bumping everyone I meet, you know. (Keneally, 1985)
    'He had to take risks.' 'Like bumping chaps off?' (le Carré, 1980)
   A bump is such a killing, possibly by a bumpman, a professional assassin:
    Normal routine in the case of a bump is to stay clear. (Hall, 1969, referring to a murder)
   6. to cause a pre-booked passenger to travel by a later aircraft
   Airlines routinely overbook seats if they can, to allow for the frequent no show. If too many passengers turn up, the last arrivals or the most docile are left off the flight:
    17 passengers were 'bumped' in all: although after the desk closed he heard the girl being told to allow for six to eight extra Sudan Airways personnel on the flight. (Private Eye, December 1981)

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