1. a prostitute
   The still current mariner's fetish about mentioning the word rabbit before a voyage to ward off ill luck dates from the time when fraudulent chandlers supplied cheap rabbit meat, which doesn't keep when salted, for pork, which does. The superstitious had, before a trip, to touch the tail of a hare or, if none were to hand, the pubic hair of a woman, including one who might for a fee allow hers to be touched. Thus the bun, a shortened form of bunny (the diminutive for the rabbit), came to mean the hair and the prostitute.
   See also buttered bun.
   2. a lump of faeces
   From the shape in the highway:
    ... the crunchy snow which is spread here and there with cinders from people's furnaces and dotted here and there with frozen horse buns. (Atwood, 1988)

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